Travel HD wallpapers

Sometimes it's a little better to travel than to arrive. (Robert Pirsig) Travel - movement in any territory or waters for the purpose of their study, as well as educational, informative, sporting and other purposes. Until the XIX century travel was a major source of information about other countries (their nature, population, history, economy), the general nature and contours of the earth's surface. From ancient times have survived describing travels of Herodotus, scientists, accompanied by Alexander of Macedon in his campaigns. A classic example of travel of the Middle Ages - the wanderings of Marco Polo. Travel for religious purposes (for the worship of relics, visits to holy places) in the Middle Ages was called the "pilgrimage". Age of Discovery is characterized by many journeys, radically changed the idea of the planet. Since the mid XX century, due to the rapid development of tourism, the term "travel" used to signify any visits in some way independently from a tourist company. Travelers are now calling people involved in independent, often adventurous, trips (for example, T. Heyerdahl, A. Sienkiewicz, I. Ganzelka, M. Zikmund, F. Grooms, V. Shanin). Traveling with fundamental rejection of the services of travel agency called backpacking. Modern travel is the subject of numerous TV shows, documentaries and soap operas.