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Tennis is a kind of sport where compete two players or two teams, which consist of two players (double game). The main task of players is to send the ball on the side of the rival with the help of a racket, thus the rival could not beat it and thus the ball couldn't leave the field of the game. Tennis is considered to be the Olympic kind of sport. The history of tennis takes place in the second half of the 19th century. The game was named lawn tennis became the modern version of the old game, where people played in buildings. The most popular tennis tournaments are: Wimbledon tournament which appeared in 1877, Championship of USA, Championship of France, Championship of Australia. The oldest competition of national teams is Davis Cup, which dates 1900. Tennis is considered to be a part of the Olympic games starting with the first games in 1896. Tennis HD wallpapers can become a good and fresh decoration on your desktop, especially if you are a player or a fan of tennis.

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