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The word surfing in the first turn is associated with water, sun and ocean waves. But what is interesting that this kind of sport appeared on Tahiti in the 4th century A.D. It was a way to show strength, speed and quick wit for a young man, and the ability to ride on waves had only the representatives of the highest classes and the royal family. If the king fell down from the board, he was removed from the throne. The first boards for surfing were about 70 meter in length and about 70 kilos by weight. After the Europeans came on Tahiti, surfing as all the other tradition, considered to be ethnic actions and forbade. Surfing reappeared only in the 19th century, for the local citizens this event was a return to the origins, and for the Europeans this kind of sport became something new. With us you don't have to risk or to conquer the ocean waves,but you can always enjoy this kind of sport by choosing our HD wallpapers. Admire the beauty of waves and surfers skills together with us.

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