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Football is a team kind of sport, where the main aim is to beat the ball into the gates of your rival. Moreover the score of the game you must win several times. Today it is the most popular and mass kind of sport in the world. The full name of the game appeared in order to distinguish the game from the other varieties of leg football, especially rugby. In 1880 appeared its shorten name soccer, which got popularity in several englishspeaking countries. Games similar to football have been existing for a long time and among different nationalities. The first football rules date 1848 year and the birth date of football is considered to be 1863, when the first Association of football was organized the same as the first football rules similar to modern. However, history of football appeared long time ago, as even in ancient Egypt, Germany and Chine were games similar to football. Today club bowls are played on all the continents. The most significant are considered to be the European Champions Bowl (Champions League) and the South American Copa Libertadores. Enjoy the most significant moments shoot at Champions Bowls together with our collection of HD wallpapers.
UEFA EURO 2012 (3)
FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil (4)

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