Snowboarding HD Wallpapers

Snowboarding is a kind of sport which includes in itself speed down-run from a mountain slope, execution of acrobatic elements on a special route on a snowboard - board with installed binding for legs. Actually snowboarding appeared as a natural continuation of mountain skiing. The founder of snowboard is considered a modern american Sherman Poppen. He implemented a new entertainment: joined two sticks together and added a rope at the front part, in order he could manage the board. Today snowboard is considered as one of the most popular kinds of sport, it is divided into different subtypes of snowboarding, where each of subtypes is unique by its technique. All the acrobatic actions executed in snowboarding really impress and just take your breath away. For those, who can't live without extreme and the feeling of freedom, or those who love sensory acuity can choose any of snowboarding HD wallpapers which will become a splendid picture at your desktop.

New Snowboarding Wallpapers