Rock climbing (aplpinism) HD Wallpapers

Alpinism is a kind of sport and active rest, which purpose is to climb mountains. The sport matter of alpinism is to overcome difficulties, created by nature on the way to the top of the mountain. The motherland of alpinism is considered to be Alpes, as exactly there rock climbing started to develop as a kind of sport. The first sport climbings dates the 19th century. Today all over the world took place the international competitions of alpinism. During such competitions the height of the top, the technical complexity of the route, its character and extension are taken into account. Are you dreaming about winning the mountain top? Then you should download HD wallpapers from our collection. Here you will find amazing mountain top views, snowy routes and different mountain places, moreover you will be able to feel all the complexity of this sport by yourself.

New Rock climbing (aplpinism) Wallpapers