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The world race is associated with extreme in the first turn. Actually it is one of the most beloved extreme kinds of sport all over the world. The autosport history began in 1894, when Pierre Giffard announced about the first car race. The aim was to overcome the distance of 126 km from Paris to Ruan for 8,5 hour. The same competitions took place also in Germany, Italy, USA and Great Britain. With time car races transfered from exotic entertainment into a popular sport. Today among the most well-known competitions are RTCC, NASCAR, DTM Formula-1 and much more. So if your heart belongs to this kind of sport, or your breath is just taken away just with one look at a sport car, then you should certainly get acquainted with our collection of HD wallpapers. Bright and colorful cars, sport shapes and extreme movements that is all you need to stay in touch with your favourite sport.

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