Parachuting HD Wallpapers

Parachuting is considered to be a kind of aviation sport, which is connected with parachutes usage. The first idea of parachute belongs to Leonardo da Vinci, as in his manuscripts he wrote about safe fall from a height with the help of "tent". However, the first practical usage of parachutes was executed in the 18th century. Today there are many kinds of sport parachute, among which are classical parachuting, free flying, tracking, formation skydiving, hit and rock and some others. Though still parachuting is considered a dangerous kind of sport, it is just magnificent. People admired parachuting in all the times, as when the person flying in the sky, it just takes your breath away. We do not offer you to jump with a parachute, but can offer an alternative. Take a look at our fabulous HD wallpapers, which will give you the same feeling of extreme and freedom, as the real jump with a parachute.

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