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The Olympic games are one of the most largest sport competitions, which are hold every four years. In some way they unite all kinds of sport and considered to be the representative of each of them in particular. The Olympic games were spent all the time since 1896 year until the world wars came. Today we enjoy all the variety of the Olympic games, which includes 28 summer and 7 winter kinds of sport. Usually the Olympic games took place in different countries, and every country is trying to be better than the previous by the scale and staginess. But what really unites all this countries - it is the logo of the Olympic games which represent five colorful rings. They became the real historical feature of this sport event. In our collection of HD wallpapers you can find many pictures depicting the Olympic games logo.
London 2012 (5)
Sochi 2014 (4)
Rio 2016 (10)

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