Ice hockey HD Wallpapers

Ice hockey has been existing since ancient times, as the prototype of this game was found in Egypt four thousand years ago.For sure there were no artificial rinks at that time, and there were no natural ice in Africa. But the principle of the game was similar to modern hockey, then instead of hockey-sticks people has sticks, and instead of disk they has different small items. People played hockey on special lined territories. Later hockey spread on the Roman Empire, Greece, Latin America. However, hockey similar to modern appeared in 18th century in England. This kind of sport developed there and even was changed for several times, until in 1908 it was included in the Olympic games. Today we the National Hockey League (NHL) which is an official sport organization, in which included teams from Canada and USA. This organization appeared in 1917 and today in NHL play 30 teams, all they compete for the right to possess Stanley Cup. If you are a fan of ice hockey or any hockey players, then you may be interested in our hockey HD wallpapers. By having one of these wallpapers on your desktop you will always have your favourite winners or players nearby.

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