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Baseball is a sport team game which includes such attributes like ball and willow.It is one of the most widely spread games today in USA, Canada, Great Britain, Japan and Cuba. In classical variant there are 2 temas, and in each there 9 players. Both teams by turn attack and protect themselves. All the stages of game named innings. The history of baseball has several resources, but it is well-known that people loved to beat off the ball with the help of willow or stick. Thus Russian Lapta is known since 13th century, French game La theque is mentioned in 14th century, Irish game Rounders was especially popular in 15th and 16th centuries. But the motherland of baseball is considered to be America. In 1845 Alexander Cartwright developed the rules of baseball game and the first baseball team Knickerbocker Baseball Club. A year later all the clubs of the city accepted the rules and this year took place the first match between Knickerbockers and New York Nine.In 1871 in America was created the first baseball league, and 20 years later it was difficult to find any city in the USA, which don't have a baseball team. In the beginning of 20th century baseball became the national American game and today there are more than 120 countries where people play baseball. In 1992-2005 baseball was included in the program of summer Olympic games. Here we have a large collection of HD wallpapers intended for baseball fans, the collection includes various pictures with the most well-known baseball players.
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