Kaunas HD wallpapers

Kaunas - Lithuania's second biggest city in the central part of the country, at the confluence of the Nemunas and Neris. An important industrial, transport, education and cultural center, the provisional capital of Republic of Lithuania in in the years 1920-1940. In the middle of fourteenth century Kaunas Castle was built. Kaunas settlement was first mentioned in 1361 in Teutonic Herold Vygandas Marburg Chronicle. In 1408, the City granted the Magdeburg rights and the Hansa bureau was establishment. Trade and crafts were rapidly developed. Central Kaunas is defined by two pedestrian streets. 1,6 km long LaisvÄ—s alÄ—ja (Liberty Avenue), a central street of the city, lined by linden trees, and its continuation, Vilnius Street, leading to the oldest part - Old Town of Kaunas. By the way, LaisvÄ—s AlÄ—ja is the longest pedestrian street in Eastern Europe. Kaunas has about 40 museums, many theatres, churches and other places of interest.