Thanksgiving HD Wallpapers

Thanksgiving has appeared as a feast of thanksgiving almost four hundred years ago. Actually in far 1620 a religious community traveled across the Atlantic Ocean to settle down in the New World. They settled on the lands of modern state of Massachusetts. But they arrived too late to grow a harvest and the winter caught them flatfooted. Half of this community died from diseases and hunger. But there were Indians who taught them how to grow crops, hunt and fish, moreover they taught them how to cook. A year later they got a rich harvest of corns, beans and pumpkins due to Indians. The colonists were so thankful that they decided to celebrate a feast every year. Since that times and even after the USA became an independent country, there is still left a tradition to celebrate Thanksgiving Day. On this day nowadays all the family members get together and thanks for everything good they have. The most traditional dishes on this day are roast turkey stuffed with herb-flavoured bread, cranberry jell, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, creamed corn and many others! You can find the depiction of all the traditional dishes in our colorful HD wallpapers! Meet Thanksgiving day together with us!

New Thanksgiving Wallpapers