Halloween HD Wallpapers

Halloween is a holiday that takes place on October 31. First of all this holiday is associated with golden season autumn, various costumes, masks and of course the most well-known lights made of pumpkins.Actually Halloween has developed from New Year holiday and the holiday of the dead. Christian church decided to celebrate this holiday on November 1 and it was named All Saints' Day. The Mass on All Saints' Day was named Allhallowmass. The day before All Saints' Day was known all hallows' Eve or All Hallow e'en. Today the main activity for children in Halloween is trick-or-treat. In this day people also dress in different costumes and masks and go from one house to another with the words “trick-or-treat”. The neighbours must give them such treats like candies, cookies or fruit. The most distinguishing feature of this holiday - Jack-o'-lanterns are hallowed-out pumpkins with face carved into one side. Most jack-o'-lanterns contain a candle inside. If you enjoy this holiday then our HD wallpapers could not have come at a better time!

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