Birthday HD wallpapers

Birthday is the most special day for everyone, either it is an anniversary or the birth of a baby. According to some reports this day is also named as the day of an Angel. When we know that somebody has a birthday we congratulate this person, as a gift we can bring anything we want. It can be a postcard, a music congratulation, a box of chocolates or just anything rapped in a colorful paper with a ribbon on it. In this day it is usual to bring flowers to a mark and sing Happy Birthday song. The mark must also blow out all of the candles in one blow on the cake, and if he does it, he is considered to be lucky during the next year. After holiday dinner, the guests usually dance, sing songs, play different games, laugh, joke and tell different funny stories. Our collection of HD wallpapers is ready to represent to you many various and bright birthday pictures. You will find pictures where are depicted a birthday cake, candles, champagne and flowers! Choose any to congratulate a mark!