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Republic of Lithuania (Lithuanian, Lithuania) - country in Europe, in south-east coast the Baltic Sea. It has borders with following countries: * Latvia * Belarus * Poland * Russia (Kaliningrad) Length of the Baltic Sea coast is 90.66 kilometers. The total length of the Lithuanian border - 1,732 kilometers. Lithuania - Belarus and Lithuania - Russia border is the border of the European Union. In the XIV century Lithuania was the largest country in Europe: it was part of the current territory of Belarus and Ukraine, some Polish and Russian territories. In 1569 Lublin Union of Lithuania with Poland formed a new republic - The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, which lasted more than 200 years before the territory was annexed by the neighboring countries in 1795. Lithuania declared its independence in 1918 February 16, but in 1940, at the beginning of the Second World War, it was again occupied by the USSR and later Nazi Germany. German defeat in the war, Lithuania remained the USSR. 1990 11 March Lithuania became the first Soviet republics, which issued its independence.
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